Dream Works

........Making dreams come true...

Easy Payment Plan

Why Wait? You can now restore your ageless classic back to its former glory right now with our easy payment plan. To make it easier for you, we have introduced a weekly payment plan to allow you to enjoy your beautifull restored vehicle much sooner.


Your vehicle is totaly protected while undergoing restoration with a special insurance policy taken out by Dream Works to give you peace of mind that your vehicle is safe while undergoing restoration.

Dream Works will take out a laid-up insurance policy in your name underwritten by Shannons insurance, which covers your vehicle throughout the total process of restoration.

Warranty Guaranteed

Your restoration is fully guaranteed with 10  years warranty on our workmanship, we take great pride in ensuring that all work is done in accordance to the highest standards.

Start to Finish in 8 weeks

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Your restoration will be completer in 8 weeks. If we fail to complete within the specified time then you will be offered a refund of 20% off you estimated price.

Hard to source parts

You hard to find parts can be found! Not only will dream works restore your vehicle, we have the ability to source hard to find parts from around the globe even to the point of sourcing you desired dream vehicle for you.

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